Bath Explosions Gift Set

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The 24K Gold Luxury Essense by Zizira Beauty. You can use this for your make up or your daily skin care. This oil is excellent to use as a primer for make up, to moisturise any type of dry skin, for anti-wrinkle and for firming. Wrapped in luxurious gold packaging - you'll feel like royalty once you use it.
Want some colour in your life? Check out our bath explosions. Perfect for a relaxing evening indulged with colour and fun. With six absolutely pretty bubbly balls exploding with excitement. Our bath explosions look so dreamy and make it look like your swimming in a painting. Packed in a beautiful gift box ready to be dipped into a hot tub.

Bath Explosions by Zizira Beauty

Deep Cleansing Pore Strips by Zizira Beauty. Perfect for you if you have the most clogged up pores. Removes blackheads and unclogs pores, lifts the dirt from within away. You will literally feel instant results.