24k Gold Luxury Essence + Oxygen Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

24k Gold Luxury Essence + Oxygen Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

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Oxygen Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Our Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Deep cleans, detoxifies and exfoliates your skin! The magical bubble action mixed with the clarifying powers of charcoal work to gently remove dirt and oil for a clearer looking complexion. This mask is also fantastic for the pores as it contributes in cleansing deep into your skin and tightening the pores. This mask is designed to react with the oxygen in the air, creating tiny bubbles which help the ingredients sink into your skin for extreme nourishment. This face mask will bring a different and fun experience which you can enjoy on an evening in, wear before any special occasion or add it in to your weekly skin routine!

Watch this gel transform into a bubble mask before your eyes!  

24k Gold Luxury Essence

This anti-aging formula contains Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Collagen, rose essence oil and hyaluronic acid. Essentially, everything your skin needs to stay plumped up, moisturised and not greasy.

24K Gold Luxury Essence is the perfect way to add smoothness and perfection to your skin and foundation/base products. It is infused with real 24 Karat Gold.  You can wear it alone for instant hydration or blend it in with your foundation for super smooth and airbrushed effect. This means your foundation is actually nurturing your skin, all day long. This works on both dry and oily skin types and the gold elixir is made to lock moisture into the skin.